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How to choosing the right Plastic Security Seal

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2020/01/17 16:09

Millions of Plastic Security Seals are made every day, in various sizes, designs, and for various applications. Choosing the right one is a challenge and an uphill struggle for all transport or operations managers. Plastic seals are the most commonly used tamper-evident devices across a broad spectrum of markets and applications, including such everyday uses as securing truck trailers, tankers, containers, totes, cash & jewelry bags, utility meters, and fire extinguishers.

First, the Quality: It doesn’t just mean the quality of the seal or now neat and tidy it looks. Quality is the type of plastic we use to manufacture the seals.

In essence when choosing a Plastic Security Seal to secure your goods you should ensure that the seal is of high quality which is made from a good quality plastic like polypropylene. It has a good and strong locking mechanism and you are able to use that seal on various applications. This is why we manufacture our security seals to enable them to be used on various application types. This allows the user to use the same type of plastic security seal on more than one application in the same business. Polypropylene and Nylon material plastic to manufacture the seals. This allows the plastic seal to have a high pull strength to secure against attacks, yet it’s flexible about to allow easy use and locking of the seal.


Second, the Locking Mechanism: Most of our plastic seals have metal locking mechanism to ensure the plastic seal has high pull strength. Furthermore a metal locking system prevents boiling water attacks and freeze attacks. This allows for a better and stronger plastic seal to ensure the security of your valued goods.


Third, the Diversification: We work with many areas and many industries; all with different requirements and applications.


Security seals serve two primary and somewhat related purposes. They are a trusted and cost-effective solution to deter tampering and theft, and they help provide a sense of security and safety. The various different seal types are each designed to serve a distinct purpose, and selecting the right seal for your application means understanding each style’s distinguishing factors.


Adjustable-length seals are the most versatile of plastic seals in that they come in a variety of lengths and strengths, and can be cinched tight to effectively secure objects. These multi-purpose seals are used across a variety of industries, including the transportation, airline, supply chain, logistics, and loss prevention industries. Their adaptability, as well as their extensive print area, makes them a practical solution for a multitude of purposes, including securing trailers, railroad cars, cabinets, ballot boxes, evidence, and valuables-in-transit.


Product quality, precise lead times, good customer service and cost competitive pricing are ALL important parameters, Security Seals recognizes the need for security seals and protecting the global supply chain.