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Description and precautions of using bolt seal

Industry News
2020/03/09 13:54
High security seal is a lead seal product made of high-quality steel as the lock body and outsourced ABS plastic. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-theft. The ordinary wire pliers have no effect on him, and a special forceful pliers are needed to cut when unlocking. His appearance has a variety of colors to choose from. After color selection, laser engraving on the surface of the lock body such as (company name, LOGO), etc.
The high-security seal uses a pressure-locking seal. When using, the lock head and the lock bar connected by the plastic rod are pulled down. After the lock bar passes through, the lock head is crimped again, and a clear click sound is issued, and the lock bar and The lock ensures a successful installation. It should be noted that, because the high-security seal is a snap lock, sometimes the high-security seal is falsely buckled due to the change of the buckling part inside the lock body. The high-security seal after the false buckle will lose the anti-theft function. It can be seen that even high-security seals with high-strength anti-theft functions require careful use.
The use of high security seals is very wide and is being used by more and more industries.